Chakra Clearing

Chakra diagramChakra, the Sanskrit word for wheel, is a word used to describe an energy center or vortex. Various Eastern traditions attribute different numbers and locations of charkas within or around our bodies, but we will concentrate on the seven major chakras that most systems acknowledge.

Whenever you are feeling off balance, or you feel you can't make a clear decision, or you just feel you're in a general funk, you would benefit greatly from a chakra clearing. Many ancient cultures saw the need and benefit to do energy clearings such as this every single day.

Clearing of chakras can transform harmful emotional energy like guilt, grief, and anger into positive energy. Healthy chakras can enhance your overall emotional and physical well-being and can be achieved by energy that is in a constant smooth flow, refreshed and vitalized.

Imagine the chakras as a kind of “filtration system” that purifies energy from the dense, physical plane that’s associated with our primal instincts, into the highly refined spiritual plane connecting you with the source of life itself. Working with chakras can open the way to physical healing, mental development and spiritual growth.

This treatment helps with any issues, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Chakra Clearing and Balancing is a powerful way of bringing harmony to your mind, body and soul.

Our process clears your chakras of blockages and infuses the chakras with the pure healing. Please wear loose clothing and prepare to stay for an hours time of breathing and relaxation with a personal guide through this experience. You will come away refreshed and the treatment continues on many levels for a time afterwards.