Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony SuppliesThe Japanese tea ceremony had its origins 700 years ago when Zen Buddhist monks began to explore tea as an art form.

Five hundred years ago Sen No Rikkyu began to hone this into a ritual. He transformed the ceremony into a practice of humility, simplicity, and rusticness as well as self-cultivation. This is epitomized by the simple setting of the tea house: a two mat tea space, chashitsu.

In the tea ceremony concern for beauty is so deep that tea can truly be referred to as an art form. Body movement is completely choreographed, even down to finger positions.

Leaving their worries and other worldly affairs aside, the participants in the tea ceremony began to drift into the spirit of the tea ceremony itself. As the host cleans the tea tools, the guests begin to be aware of the deeply serene setting. A moving shared experience for all.